3 Tips if Your Bath Tub is Blocked

3 Tips If Your Bath Tub Is Blocked

Mississauga plumberBathroom sinks have blocks regularly. This is mostly due to the amount of hair that goes down the sink. This simple steps below will help you to unblock your bathroom tub and get it working again. A plunger can be used for minor problems. Try this first while adding some water to the sink and then plunge. Many blocked drains are simple issues you can easily fix. With the right tools, you can save some money by cleaning it yourself rather hiring Mississauga plumbers if your bath tub is blocked.

Use a plunger and plunge up and down about 3 or 4 times before stopping.  To see if the water has drained, lift the plunger up to see if there is still water standing. However, if the water has drained, try running the faucet for some minutes again to see if it gets blocked again. If your bathtub is still blocked, you can now take out the sink and dismantle is the p-trap.

Now, use a pipe wrench to untie but be sure to have a bucket to catch all the dirt that will come out. You now clean out the p-trap.  Use a clean brush to clean the inside and make sure that all the large pieces that are blocking the sink are removed. Once you have done all that and you reattach the trap and you run the faucet again and the problem is not solved, the block is likely further down the line.

At this level your next obtain is to use a snake or an auger with less than 25 feet to unblock the sink wear protective gloves. Run the auger downwards through the pipeline about three or four times to be sure the block has been completely removed. Reassembled the p-trap and test if it’s working properly. But if it’s still not working, repeat the process over again or seek a professional Mississauga plumbing assistance.

A blocked bathtub drain must be cleaned immediately once you discover water does not runs down normally or you may end up destroying you bathtub. It is worth noting that most blocked drains is as a result of hair and soap build up and with just a little hard work and some basic knowledge and tools, you can clean your bathtub like a real professional Mississauga plumber.