Back Water Valves and the Ottawa Protective Plumbing Program

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The city is offering to cover the cost of a backwater valve Ottawa. This is great news. Back water valves lower the cost of your insurance, protects your home, and provide Ottawa home owners with some peace of mind. The protective plumbing program is willing to cover the cost up to $4000, and most of the time, back water valves cost much less.


Back in 2009, many Kanata home owners suffered from a massive city sewer backup which flooded hundreds of homes. The sewer system running through Kanata was just too small to handle the growing demands of the city. Increasing the size of the sewer system is a huge project that will take years to complete, so Ottawa and Kanata residents now have access to this free plumbing service.


At John The Plumber we have installed hundreds of successful back water valves using the protective plumbing program, in conjunction with the home owner, and the city.


For information on the city requirements to qualify for you free back water valve, check out this link.


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