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If  Your  Hot Water  Tank or Gas Hot Water Heater is in Need of Immediate Replacement, or You Are in Need of a Hot Water Heater Repair Call us Now 613-227-7465 

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Call 613-227-7465 Now To Get $50 off a New Electric Hot Water Tank Installation

John The Plumber has been doing  Electric hot water tank installations for almost fifteen years.  Don’t get caught up in a rental agreement.  These are big money grabs, and you end up paying for your hot water tank several times over again.  We offer two different prices for your hot water tank installation, 

Pay Now Price: $1100.00 plus hst for Electric Hot Water Heaters Gas Hot Water Heater Prices Vary

Just like it says, if you want to replace your hot water tank immediately, and get it at the best possible price, then this is the way to go.  Our hot water tanks come with an 8 year warranty, but nobody has ever had to use it, as our typical install and plumbing repair lasts for around 15 years.  

Pay In Three Monthly Installments of $449.00 plus hst

Sometimes we’re not ready for the big expense of a new hot water tank.  This is a great option for a homeowner who wasn’t ready for the expense of their hot water tank failing on them.  Just contact us to find out more about this offer.

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John The Plumber only installs the best hot water heaters.  We wouldn’t install a hot water heater in your home, that we wouldn’t also install in our own.  For more information about our company, please visit johntheplumber.ca.