Frozen Pipes Ottawa

If this is a frozen pipes Ottawa emergency 613-227-7465 turn off your main water valve ASAP

Anyone that has had to deal with frozen pipes in Ottawa before is well aware of the inconvenience of waking up and not being able to flush your toilet or take a shower.  But what is really scary is the potential damage that frozen pipes can cause.  When your pipes freeze, the water inside the piping will begin to expand, and your copper or pex piping won’t hold up to it.  Below is an image of a pipe expanding due to water freezing inside of it
frozen pipes ottawa
in the image above you can see the pipe has frozen to the point that it expanded and split the pipe.

 What if I’m unaware of my frozen pipes in Ottawa?

The problem is that you may not be aware that it is frozen.  In this example, you can see split, but there would have been a long time between it freezing and it creating a flood.  The reason is that once it expands to the point that it splits open the pipe, there will be a big glob of ice there and no leak.  It won’t start leaking until it warms up as the split is blocked with a chunk of ice.  If you’re lucky, you will be home when it thaws, and aware  of the damage and flooding so you will be able to turn your water off and minimize the damage.
If you’re not home however, things are less pretty.  If this leak has gone undetected, and it happens to warm up while you’re away at work, or sleeping at night, your house will be entirely flooded.  So what do we do in case of a frozen pipe?
  1.  Turn off the water to your house at the meter
  2. Check any plumbing fixtures that are on exterior walls in your home as this is where pipes freeze most often
  3. using a hair dryer, warm the area where you suspect the pipes to be frozen
  4. turn the water back on, and listen and look for leaks
  5. check to see if your water is flowing again.
If these steps don’t solve your problem, call John The Plumber and we will use our pipe thawing equipment to help solve your frozen pipe issue without creating an unneccessary flood.
If you are in the unenviable position of needing Ottawa home repairs, contact Gordmay Construction to assist you in your insulation, and to prevent frozen pipes from happening again.

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