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Electric Hot Water Tanks or Hot Water Heater Installation.  Save $100 When You Call Today!!!

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kingston water heaterPay Now Price: $1100.00 plus hst

Just like it says, if you want to replace your hot water tank or hot water heater immediately, and get it at the best possible price, then this is the way to go.  Our hot water heaters come with an 8 year warranty, but nobody has ever had to use it, as our typical install lasts for around 15 years.

Pay In Three Monthly Installments of $449.00 plus hst

Sometimes we’re not ready for the big expense of a new hot water tank.  This is a great option for a homeowner who wasn’t ready for the expense of their hot water tank failing on them.  Just contact us to find out more about this offer.

Hot Water Tanks Kingston

John The Plumber Kingston is your local expert for all types of hot water tanks.  Which hot water tank do your Kingston plumbers endorse?  The truth is, we’re not biased.  There are five different manufacturers of hot water tanks that are top notch.  Any one of these manufacturers makes a really good hot water tank, with an exceptional warranty of 8 years.

So how do our plumbers choose which tank to supply for our customers?  The truth is that we will look for whichever one of the top brands are on sale that particular week.  Our suppliers are constantly trying to turn stock over, and there is almost always a good deal available on a top quality hot water tank.  If we can save our customers a hundred dollars or more, we will.

Our Kingston plumbers are fully licensed and insured.  Each one of our plumbers have been certified and registered with the Ontario College of Trades, and have undergone our extensive training program, as well as our customer satisfaction course.  If you would like to know more about our services, check out our plumbing main page.

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