Kingston Backwater valves, Preventative Plumbing Program

back flow valve
Backwater valve

Kingston plumbers recommend a back water valve

The city of Kingston On, is providing it’s residents with financial assistance to have a back water valve installed in their homes. You can read about the preventative plumbing program here. Our Kingston plumbers have installed hundreds of backwater valves, sump pumps, and the like. If you would like our professional plumbers to provide you with a quote for your preventative plumbing, and have the Kingston Backwater valve and the Preventative Plumbing Program pick up 75% of your bill, then give our plumbers in Kingston a call today at 343-477-1970, and protect your biggest investment.  A backwater valve is the easiest way to guarantee you won’t be flooded by the city sewer system failing.


How an approved Kingston backwater valve works

An approved kingston backwater valve works by having a swing check installed within it.  Basically, it allows water to flow through the backwater valve, out towards the city sewer pipe.  However, if the city sewer pipe is overloaded, and starts to back up into your home, the swing check valve on the backwater valve will float itself closed, and prevent any further flooding from coming into your home.  If you happen to live in a townhouse, and you’re the only resident with a backwater valve, your neighbours will be the ones dealing with all of the sewage.  It is advisable that they get a Kingston backwater valve as well.  The city of Kingston is willing to pick up the tab, or at least a big portion of it.  Give us a call today to find out more.


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