Bathroom Rough-ins Mississauga

missassauga rough-insJohn The Plumber Mississauga is the Mississauga area’s basement bathroom specialists.

Basement rough-ins and bathroom rough-ins are a specialty at John The Plumber Missisauga.  Our plumbers and technicians are fully licensed and insured.  All of our rough-ins are completed to the standard of the Ontario plumbing code.
Our methods for basement bathrooms is the best in town.  Most companies will jack hammer your floor, causing a lot of dust and cracks throughout your basement floor.  At John The Plumber, we hire professional concrete floor cutting companies to make the trenches for our piping.  This way, when we reinstate the concrete floor, after our pipes have been installed, you will have a nice clean looking floor. You won’t have any jagged lines due to the fact a jack hammer was used.
Using a concrete cutting company to open your floor also prevents weeks of dust floating around the air.  When the cutting company is cutting the floor for your bathroom rough-in, the saw that use sprays a stream of water where the floor is being cut open.  This stops dust from flying into the air.
“But what about the water on the floor?”
That’s a fair question.  While one guy is cutting the floor and spraying the water, another guy is vacuuming up the mess with a shop vac simultaneously, creating a very clean work environment that won’t have you dusting your house every day for the next two months.
Call John The Plumber Mississauga for all of your bathroom rough-in needs.

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