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Drain camera services and drain inspections in Mississauga are provided by John The Plumber.

We are the local experts in Drain repair.  How did we get that way?   By using our drain cameras.
Drain Cameras are excellent for diagnosing blocked drains and improper venting in plumbing systems.  We can go over symptoms of how your drains are acting up, but nothing really tells the story the way cctv drain camera inspection can.  I’m pretty sure superman didn’t have to ability to see through the ground, or through walls, but at John The Plumber Mississauga, we are one of the only companies around that has access to this technology.
There are many advantages to using a cctv drain camera to diagnose your plumbing issues.  The main advantage though, is how it can save you some money.
Using a drain camera allows a plumber to know exactly what he is up against.  The camera goes down the mainline drain through a clean out, and can help the plumber determine if your drain issues are caused by a simple blockage that can be dealt with quickly and easily, or if you have a more serious issue.
Let’s say you have a blocked drain that is causing your basement floor drain to back up onto the floor.  If you call just any plumbers in to your home, chances are that they will run the auger, and walk away.  If your problem comes back in a few months, then you have to pay again.  Plumbing companies don’t warranty blocked drains because 90% of the time, the blockages are caused by homeowner activity.  But what if they’re not?  A lot of the time, the inside of pipe is so corroded that it grabs onto every single thing that drains passed it.  Building up over time, and causing another blocked drain.  Another example is if your pipe has a dip in it.  Over time the ground can move and shift.  Especially if when your house was built, they didn’t compact the soil well enough underneath your piping.  The result is a dip in the pipe.
block rain 2
You can see above, the low area is an area where sediment and all the other lovely things that pass through your drains will cause a bigger blockage.  That’s the dip I’m referring to.  In this example things will begin to pile up at the lowest point over time, and cause your drain to start blocking up again.  A drain camera can help determine this, and stop you from having to call your plumber every few months to continue unblocking your drain.  A fix can be found immediately and resolve your blocked drain once and for all.
To have your piping inspected, please call us today to book your drain camera inspection.

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