Drain Cleaning Mississauga

Sometimes drain cleaning is the best option for Mississauga residents and homeowners.

Drain cleaning can help restore your piping to close to its original state, and buy you lots of time before you need to replace your piping.  Some symptoms that might let you know that you may need your drains cleaned are

  • gurgling drain
  • funny noises when you drain your sink
  • burping in your toilet
  • slow draining laundry tub
  • poorly flushing toilet
  • backing rlp floor drain
  • slow draining basement bathroom

drain cleaning

When cleaning drains thoroughly, a Jetter is used.  This particular tool uses a backwards spraying motion, to propel the jetter nozzle down the pipe, blasting the walls as it spins and travels down the line.  This type of drain cleaning is by far the best option short of replacing all your pipes with brand new ones.   Drain cleaning is often used in restaurants or households that don’t dispose of their grease properly.  Just wiping out your frying pans with a paper towel before throwing it in the sink or dishwasher can go a long way to preventing the need for this service.  At John The Plumber Mississauga, our plumbers are trained in using this equipment, to make sure that we do the best drain cleaning job possible, and maintain our reputation as the best plumbers in Mississauga.  To book a drain camera inspection to determine if you need some drain cleaning, give us a call today.

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