Toilet repair Mississauga

missassauga toilet repairMississauga Toilet Repair

Fixing toilets and toilet repairs are probably the most common call that we get at John The Plumber Mississauga.  Toilets are the most used fixture in our home, resulting in over 65% of our monthly water usage.  Running toilets can cost you hundreds of dollars per month, just washing your hard earned money down the drain.  The cause of a leaking or running toilet can be narrowed down to few things.
  •  a cracked toilet tank or bowl
  • a warn out or improperly installed flapper
  • a malfunctioning ballcock or fill valve
  • an improperly set float ball
  • a leaking tank to bolt seal
With the exception of a cracked toilet tank or bowl, all of the other reasons your toilet is leaking is a relatively easy fix for Mississauga plumbers John The Plumber.  We call replacing all the parts in a toilet, a toilet rebuild.  A toilet repair that’s a full toilet rebuild will allow you to use your existing toilet for many more years.

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