Sewer Repair & Snaking

For 90% of all blocked plumbing drains in Ottawa, a simple sewer snaking will repair the problem you have by either pushing the blockage out to the bigger pipes, then washing it away. Sometimes the snake will attach to the blockage if its hair and then you can pull it out. I’ve titled this page sewer snaking and repair, because the two almost go hand in hand. For the 10% of cases where a sewer snaking doesn’t do the trick, you’ll find yourself in need of a sewer repair. Sewer repairs for the homeowner start in the basement of your home. All of the plumbing drains in your home end up running through your basement floor, then travel passed your clean out (usually located below your water meter), then under your front lawn, and out to the city sewer. My intentions are to keep this simple, so I’ve broken down sewer repairs into two different categories. Remember, these sewer repairs are only for repairing what the snake won’t fix.

Inside Sewer Repair

Your main plumbing drain runs underneath your basement floor. If this sewer drain was corroded, cracked, collapsed, or sagging, then your basement floor will need to be opened up to repair the sewer main. Ottawa has many older homes and often times the sewer drain repair is needed because you have old metal and cast iron pipes running underneath your floor. I know this sounds like a big job, but often times we are finished in a couple of days, and you only lose your drainage system for a few hours. We will try to coordinate the timing to accommodate your life, to ensure you will be able to shower, do laundry, and get the dishes done.

At John The Plumber, when we open your basement floor we use a professional concrete cutting and coring company. This allows for the smallest possible opening, and the neatest repair. The biggest advantage to using a concrete cutting company is that they have specialized equipment that won’t allow any dust or fumes to pollute your home. After they’ve completed opening the floor, our plumbers will repair the sewer by re-piping the underground plumbing, and rough in any bathrooms you had originally. Upon completion of the piping, we will reinstate your concrete floor; by filling in the trenches we created to replace the piping. Give the floor 24 hours to cure, and roll back the carpet, put the furniture back where it was, and you’d never know we were there.

Outside Sewer Repair

If the problem in your sewer main that needed repairing was not located in your basement, but outside your home, you may need to dig a trench in your front yard and replace the piping. The same issues mentioned above could happen to metal, cast iron, and concrete pipes, which will require the outside sewer drain to need repair. A mini excavator is used to dig the smallest trench required to replace the piping. After the old piping has been exposed and removed, the new sewer pipe will need to be installed on tamped sand. Sand will then need to be placed on top of the pipe for about 18inches. Tamping will then be required again. After this, clear stone will be piled on top, before native soil is backfilled. Once this is complete, usually within 2-3 days, all that’s left to do is throw down some lawn seed and wait, or call Landscape-one to get a quote from a deck builder, or on Ottawa interlock.

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