How to Test if Your Toilet is Running

How to Test If your Toilet is Running?

Hamilton plumbingAs one of the most essential systems in a home, the Hamilton plumbing system must be properly maintained in other to avoid a big problem. One of the most irritating plumbing problems is when the toilet when it is not running. However to test if your toilet is running, homeowner has to empty the tank If water is running down the sides of toilet even when you flush, and the toilet is still running, these are visible signs that you may have a leak toilet. However, you can still have a silent leak. To test if your toilet is running, you can perform the following:

The first silent leak detecting test you can carry out is to turn off the water at the pipe that runs to the toilet before you go to bed. Very early in the morning, check the water level. If you witness water loss in the tank, then your toilet is running properly. Toilet leaks caused huge amount of water loss as much 600 gallons of water a day which is not good for nature and your wallet either.

Also, a homeowner can try performing a dye test for a silent leak. Buy dye from a plumbing supplier usually a red dye. Once you have acquired the dye, you can start to conduct the leak test. First, remove the cover of the water tank and any substance such as a drain cleaner that may colour the water. It is essential that you have clear water in other to do the test. Pure enough red dye in the water tank so that there is a deep colour and wait for about half an hour and then check to see if the water in the bowl has changed to red. If the water has colour pigments, then you certainly have a toilet leak.

Since a silent leak can’t be seen or heard, many homeowners do not realize they have a leak until the problem becomes and they have wasted an enormous amount of water. However, to be on the safe side, testing for silent leaks should be attached to your Hamilton plumbing system maintenance program. You will benefit a lot from the test for silent toilet leaks is you will save money on your water bills and ensure that your toilet runs properly which is a definite necessity.